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Welcome to the ArchiMedes™ architecture knowledge integration platform demo website!

ArchiMedes™ is a ready-to-use platform for making architecture knowledge accessible to your organisation integrated with other sorts of knowledge. The capabilities of ArchiMedes™ go far beyond what you can expect from traditional html exports or publication portals offered by most architecture modelling suites. This website presents some examples of the advanced features of ArchiMedes™.

Architecture integration image.png
Integration of architecture and other knowledge
With ArchiMedes™ you can augment the knowledge from your architecture models with knowledge from other sources, and present these in the wiki in an integrated manner. Use the ArchiMate exchange format standard for importing architecture models, and enter additional knowledge directly in the wiki or import this from sources such as operational monitoring software. This way you can for example relate statistics from your IT operations department to the components in the application landscape, or relate monitoring data about process execution times and bottlenecks to your architecture roadmap. You might even relate your architecture elements to objects in the GDPR record of processing activities, and to the measures defined in the information security management system. There are no limits.

Dynamic architecture views image.png
Dynamic architecture views
With ArchiMedes™ you can not only display static images of your architecture views, you can have these dynamically colored according to any custom properties assigned to the elements in your architecture. This enables you to quickly get user friendly overviews of, for example, ownership of processes and data, the business value of your product portfolio, or the progress in realisation of your architecture roadmap. The fully automatic intelligent view engine even creates heatmaps of for example the status of technology of you application landscape. The interactive legend allows you to navigate dynamic views with a single mouse click.
Click here for more information and examples.

Architecture analysis image.png
Advanced analyses of your architecture
With ArchiMedes™ you can create advanced, in-depth analyses of the enterprise architecture in your organisation, for example in support of an application rationalisation program. What is the status of technology of you applications? How does that relate to the business value and total cost of ownership? Which are the weak spots in your organisations information landscape? Which business processes are impacted when an application or server fails?
Using ArchiMedes™ you can create and display analyses based on the various properties and relationships of elements in the architecture models, which you have chosen to define yourself.
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Live architecture image.png
Live architecture
With ArchiMedes™ you can merge the abstract order of architecture modelling into the chaos of real life. By connecting operational monitoring tooling you can display the real-time status of for example your application landscape or data centre in dynamically colored views. The creates a dashboard feature that is automatically aligned with your enterprise architecture and is continuously updated! This enables using enterprise architecture not only as strategic governance instrument but also in operational management.
Alternatively, you can use this feature to manually simulate failure of one particular component and analyse impact throughout the architecture.

Overview of features image.png
Overview of all features
ArchiMedes™ offers a large number of features, ranging for multiple simultaneous ArchiMate versions to a discussion platform for architecture topics. in this overview you will find information about how ArchiMedes™ augments and integrates architecture knowledge; about the straight-forward license structure; about our choice for open source and open standards; about the nearly unlimited extensibility of ArchiMedes™; about support for multiple language architecture models; and more.
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Archisurance case study image.png
Archisurance case study
This architecture model demonstrates some of the features of ArchiMedes™. The model comprises a number of architecture views of the enterprise architecture of a fictitious insurance company named "Archisurance". You can navigate the views as well as the elements and relationships of which the views are comprised of.
This architecture model has been imported into the wiki from an AMEF file that has been published by The Open Group (and has been enriched by us).
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Would you like to know more about ArchiMedes™? Please contact us at ArchiXL. We can also arrange for a demonstration at your office, in which we can directly import one of your ArchiMate models.